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Green Value Associates goal is to work with its clients to unlock and enhance value in existing real estate and infrastructure assets through the realisation, among other things, of any greener standard and energy efficiency potential as well as sustainable operational effectiveness.
Productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Green Value Associates (GVA) offers a well informed strategic approach to energy efficiency for public sector and corporate occupiers to save substantially on their building energy bills and operating costs. And for the strategy to be most effective, GVA examines how the properties in use are operated daily to help them run more efficiently and implements best practice sustainability initiatives that make a difference also in their environmental impact.

GVA recognises that tenants are very often the determining factor of whether sustainability efforts will succeed or fail, so it makes sure they support and participate in any building performance improvement project. True tenant engagement requires collaboration. Therefore, GVA focuses on the “low hanging fruits” to push tenants in the right direction and involve them in the process. GVA’s tenant engagement efforts emphasize the economic benefits the tenants realise.

At the same time, a growing number of organizations from public and private sector are focusing on greener workplace environments, not just to earn more green awards but to reduce employee stress, improve productivity and encourage creativity. GVA finds consequently ways to measure and support this. The focus is on employees’ well-being, workplace satisfaction and retention.

In summary, GVA helps its occupier clients with a flexible service delivery to achieve the following:

  • Improve knowledge and control of utility consumption.
  • Reduce occupied buildings' energy, operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce energy related risks.
  • Increase occupied buildings' space occupancy and usage productivity.
  • Increase tenants well-being and satisfaction.
  • Reduce employees absenteeism and improve retention.
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